How to use the Navigator Principle and succeed with your goals

Jan 19, 2023

”Busted” I thought to myself just an hour ago.

I found myself googling for another tutorial on how to become a runner.

The online is abundant in how-to’s.

This trap that gets me every time:

I go online to find the next trick or hack that would change the game and fast-track my goals.

And I always forget the Navigator Principle.

It's three simple things.

Let me explain.

You've probably used a GPS to navigate. Right?

The turn-by-turn of your navigator is the how-to.

Navigator will fail to plan your how-to, unless you give it two things.

Your position and your destination. As accurately as possible.

The more specific the starting point and the destination, the better plan!

When I see people searchin for fast fixes, I notice most haven't bothered to accurately describe where they're now and where they want to be.

The route will be a mess with a vague GPS accuracy and vague destination.

So, when you bust yourself the next time googling for how-to’s, take a pause.

Ask yourself. How could I use the three steps of the navigator principle:

1) Your coordinates

Describe truthfully where you are.

What obstacles hold you back?

What resources help you already?

2) Your destination

Describe accurately where you want to be.

Decide on your definition of done.

How will you know that you’ve reached the goal?

3) Your route

This is your how-to.

What are the skills, habits, beliefs, resources and contacts that you need to acquire to move forward?

How will you deal with each obstacle?

How will you measure progress?

How will you celebrate small wins along the route?

That's a wrap!

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All the best


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