The most common mistake in learning

Feb 04, 2023

This morning I caught myself in a mistake.

I was reading the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

Ferriss was explaining how protein at breakfast accelerates fat loss.

”I already know this, boring” I thought to myself and started flicking pages forward.

Have you been in a same situation?

That you hear or read an important idea, but instantly think that you already know this thing?

Then you impatiently fast forward.

The reflex is natural because our brain aims to save energy.

Big mistake.

There are three questions that help me recalibrate when brain tries to fool me into impatience.

Let me share them.

Question 1: How deep is your skill with this idea?

There’s a difference between knowing something and having a skill.

Skill makes the knowledge real.

So ask yourself how deep is your skill on a scale of -10 to 10.

That goves you information about where you really are.

Question 2: How does this skill appear in your daily life?

Knowledge is now power, only execution is.

Same goes for a skill.

Having a skill is different than using it.

Hence the important disctinction is this - how is this skill reflected in your daily habits and more importantly your schedule?

Question 3: How do your results prove your skill?

Bringing an idea into daily routines and schedules is not the only thing that demonstrates skill.

Results do that even better.

Looking at my morning-weight, I can tell that my results with fat management are not what my brain tried to fool me.

So I flicked back to the page where I left off.

I read the chapter.

Then I went to the kitchen, and mixed a protein smoothie for breakfast.

Mistake avoided.

That’s it for today

Let me know what you think.

All the best.

//Antti from Kaizen Hour


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