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Who is Antti Niittyviita?

Hello friend. Here we meet on this page, over the confines of time and space. How awesome is that?

I'm Antti Niittyviita, a small town boy from Finland, father of two and passionate explorer of life.

My mission is to help people I touch lead lives that matter. I believe everybody needs three things to thrive and live a happy life.

  • To Dare: Confidence to reach higher in all areas of life. Daring to live life to it's fullest. To let your inner light shine brightly through!
  • To Grow: Things in life either wither or flourish. As you are reading this, I assume your choice was to grow, expand and learn.
  • To Give: As you grow, you will have more to give. To have courage to share your gifts with the world and everyone you touch.

Today I work as the CEO of a 40 employee business called Prove in Finland, I also work as an author and a speaker, and have fun on social (especially Tiktok) with well over 1 million friends.