This simple but powerful program teaches you five techniques for staying focused, achieving your goals, and having fun on the way.


Read in one sitting, apply for a lifetime, and enjoy the success you deserve. 

"Whoever you are – an elite athlete, a business professional, or just a conscious individual, your mind is the greatest asset you have."

You Can Create Your Dream Life

Here's How:

  • Harness battle-tested thinking tools to your advantage. You'll learn from some of the world's greatest minds. Kaizen Hour Fundamentals delivers you lessons from Olympic athletes, billionaires and other world-class achievers. You'll be guided, step by step, to craft a personal blueprint that helps you achieve your goals by customizing the thinking tools to your unique life situation.
  • See results rapidly, in just 10 minutes per day. You're busy. We get that. That's why Fundamentals is precision-engineered to deliver you results in just 10 minutes per day, totalling an hour per week (with one weekly cheat day). That's your "Kaizen Hour".
  • Transform the way you think about any domain. You're in charge. You can choose to improve health, wealth, relationships, or anything else. This program is not limited to improvement in a specific area and allows for flexibility.

In other words, a lifetime of change in two months. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, keep reading...

It's Possible!

With Kaizen Hour Fundamentals


In the Coming 60 Days, You Could…

  • Develop great habits that last for a lifetime
  • Harness your subconscious to work for you – not against you
  • Set better goals
  • Learn how to crush those goals with ease
  • Let everything weak in your current mindset die
  • Rise again harder, stronger, better
  • Be finally ready to go conquer your wildest dreams and face your inner monsters.

Thinking better makes all the difference in the world. We cover it all in Kaizen Hour Fundamentals.


Kaizen Hour Fundamentals

You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Life?

Kaizen Hour Fundamentals contains easy-to-learn but powerful techniques and little-known tricks that will get you started, the right way, on your self-development journey.

You'll get instant access to an online dashboard you can use with any Internet-enabled device to make sure you stay on top of what's important to you. And to work toward it. 

With simple but powerful shifts in your mindset and daily practices, you can finally start pursuing that long-abandoned dream of yours.

What Awaits You...

Building a Mission:

Be driven and motivated all day, every day

Your mission is the basis of everything you do or don't do. Master the steps to developing a compelling future vision that:

  • Eliminates procrastination
  • Motivates you to get after it every day
  • Lifts you up in those moments when you feel lost

After Kaizen Hour Fundamentals, you will have unwavering motivation and direction in your life. Your mission is a tool for life which helps you with daily decision making as well as long term planning. 

Asking Better Questions:

Tap into your hidden subconscious wisdom

With your mission in a good shape, the next step on your way to fulfilling your dreams is to learn to let your mind do what it is capable of doing:

  • Get actionable answers to your issues
  • Train your brains to notice helpful patterns around you
  • Understand why you should never hit the bed without having a question in mind

Sourcing answers to questions from yourself is another tool for life that has propelled authors, scientists and problem-solvers to higher levels. It will help you too.

Making it easy:

Finally crush your goals

The secret to progress is hitting your goals. Here's how you'll do that:

  • You create better goals that are 1) achievable, 2) inspirational
  • You craft non-negotiable decisions that maintain your momentum
  • You learn the discipline required to follow the process you create for yourself

You’ll become wiser and able to formulate better and better goals for your future – all parts of the process of incremental self-improvement.

Recreating who you are

Visualise and create a new identity

For many, it is necessary to create an entirely new identity. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to permanently change your daily self-harming thoughts
  • The best way to energize and motivate yourself every day
  • The best way to believe in a better tomorrow

You’ll finish this course with a plan and a road map to becoming exactly who you want to be.

And do all that while you...

Have fun and foster your creativity

Life is all about exploration. Get started today and:

  • Explore new avenues in life with confidence and determination
  • Grow faster with personal projects and experiments
  • Track what works for you – not for anyone else

If you don't make it fun, you won't stick to it long term. We'll show you how to keep the process exciting while pursuing your dream life.

This is For You If...

  • You are ready to start pursuing your dreams
  • You wish to improve any area of your life
  • You want crush higher and bigger goals
  • You have 10 minutes per day to invest
  • You know you can do more

Nice To Meet You!

Kaizen Hour Fundamentals is the brainchild of Simo Hosio and Antti Niittyviita. Simo is an award-winning computer scientist, digital creator, and professor with 100+ peer-reviewed scientific publications in many of the world's top venues. Antti is a CEO, blogger, author, Spartan race runner, and a highly-sought keynote speaker with over 2M followers in TikTok (where he's better known as the "Ice King").

By getting Kaizen Hour Fundamentals, you'll get the exact techniques we use daily to foster better thinking and faster progress.



Kaizen Hour Fundamentals


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If you aren’t completely satisfied with Kaizen Hour Fundamentals, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Learn from the Best 

Here are just some of the brains behind the techniques you are about to learn:

  • Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.: Professor at Arizona State University, author of several award-winning books on persuasion and motivation (including motivating yourself).
  • Tony Robbins: American businessman, multimillionaire, author, and philanthropist behind some of the greatest self-development books and seminars of all times like Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.
  • Tim Ferriss: Author, investor, successful entrepreneur and public speaker. A true multi-talent. The author of the classic The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans. He also hosts a popular podcast series with tens of millions of downloads, and that has been selected as iTunes’ “Best of 2014”, “Best of 2015”, and “Best of 2016” (most downloads). Mostly knows what he’s talking about.
  • Napoleon Hill: Author of Think and Grow Rich – a business and self-development book voted multiple times as #1 business and personal strategy guide.
  • David J Schwartz, Ph.D.: Professor at Georgia State University, motivational writer, and coach regarded long as one of the foremost experts on motivation. Known for The Magic of Thinking BIG.
  • Derek Sivers: An American entrepreneur, public speaker and author of Anything you Want.
  • Hal Elrod: Hall of Fame business achiever, ultra-marathon runner and #1 best-selling author of one of the highest-rated books in the world (with over 1,500+ five-star Amazon reviews), The Miracle Morning.
  • Jocko Willink: One scary ex-navy SEAL, co-author of Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win. Can teach everyone something about leading yourself and personal responsibility.
  • Seth Godin: An American best-selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. Dozens of books in dozens of languages, religiously followed by millions of people. Known for Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, The Dip and many other titles.
  • And many more inspiring, talented, and generous people whose teachings and lessons you’ll easily include in your life for immediate results — no matter what your goals are.

And all of this is filtered through the life and lessons of Simo and Antti – your tour guides to greatness.